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BAPE x Adidas Dame 4 Releasing in Mid February

The point guard in Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard have collaborated with Adidas for the fourth time. Together with BAPE (A Bathing Ape) they are releasing a new Dame 4 during the all star weekend (16 Feb – 19 Feb) that will be in two colorways, one in BAPE’s traditional green camo and the second one in black camo. The shoes will only cost $150 USD.

The camo hue will be on the upper part of the shoe, with the BAPE’s shark teeth along the midsole and one eye on each foot at the toes. The midsole is in grey on the green camo and black on the black camo. The outsole is in the same colors as the midsole but in a different shade. There are also the letters W G M on the top line. The shoe cap is in dark green/black color and has three white stripes, symbolizing the Adidas’ three stripes. The outsole has one BAPE logo on the left shoe and one Adidas on the right shoe.

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Source: Hupu

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