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Air Jordan 32 Low “Be Like Mike” Releases December 16th Together with Three Other Pairs

The best, most iconic and most influential ad ever could possibly be the “Be Like Mike” ad that was released back in 1991. The person behind this masterpiece is Michael Jordan, who had just ended his partnership Coca Cola and was about to introduce the world to sports drink. The sports drink company was Gatorade and have this year worked together with  Nike and Michael Jordan to release four shoes in memory of  the sensational ad that was first aired 26 years ago on a fat TV.

I have already written a post about one of the shoes that are releasing the same date as the 32 lows which you can read more about here.

However is the shoe I’ll be talking most about here the Air Jordan 32. The shoe has a rubber sole it looks like with a light red color at the heel that fades away the closer you get to the toes. The outsole also has a MIKE text on it in green with a Gatorade flash in orange representing the I. The midsole is black and has a green Jordan logo left of the heel. The main part of the shoe is white but on the upper most part of the heel there is an orange and black “stair case”. The edge of the shoe is in black and the inner part of the shoe is in orange. Besides the logo at the heel and on the outsole, we can find two more logos. One is an old school Air Jordan logo in green and orange at the tongue of the shoe. The second and last logo can be found inside the shoe. It is another flash with the same color as the other one, in orange.

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This shoe according to me looks very nice. I like the combination of green, white and orange colors. This might be a cop for me since they’ll only cost $165, $25 cheaper then  the other shoe that will be released.

There is also announced to be two more shoes in this collaboration, one set of Air Jordan 1 in a typical blue Gatorade color and the other set is a Air Jordan 6 in full green suede color. The AJ 1 will cost $175 and will most likely be released December 16th. The AJ 6 will cost $225 and will release December 16th.

Let me know which one you like the best!



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