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The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Blue Tint” Releases on December 16th

There are THREE Yeezy that are releasing this two last months of 2017. And obviously there is always one that gets this comment all the time “my least favorite”. And the Blue Tint is that one, I’m not saying it’s ugly but I’m just saying it’s “my least favorite”. Anyways, after a lot of confusion the release date is in less then one month, on December 16th. The shoe will cost $220.

If you want to read about the other Yeezy that are dropping click HERE for “Beluga” and HERE  for “Semi-frozen yellow”

The “Blue tint” however has an updated Primeknit pattern with three different shades of grey (not fifty) and a blue edge at the “foot-in-here” hole. The blue edge is were the Yeezy got its name. The SPLY-350 is in a very nice high resolution red. The BOOST sole is covered in a semi-translucent midesole hides the BOOST sole.

As said in the introduction, this is my least favorite of them all. But after looking on it for a while it is not that bad. I mean what’s holding it down according to me is the blue edge since it is just not my style really. If it were to be a darker shade of blue then I’d love it but it is that turquoise color that I don’t like. But in the end it is a Yeezy, and who wouldn’t want one am I right?



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