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Nike Air Jordan VI “Gatorade” releases the December 16th

A very cool pair of Jordan shoes will be released on Deceber 16th. And, as  the title says, I’m obviously talking about the Jordan VI “Gatorade”. As far back as in 1991 Michael Jordan signed a contract with Gatorade to be their first ever endorser and it is finally time for Nike and Gatorade to do a collaboration with each other and both utilize MJ’s sponsorships. The shoe will cost $190.

The shoe however features a white and orange color scheme on the shoe’s leather and a green Jordan logo. Another Jordan and Nike logo can be found in a white color at the heel of the shoe and if you look really close you can also see another logo at the black edge that has Jordan text with Air hidden between the letters and both words in black. The upper part of the shoe where you stick your foot in has a black edge. A very funny and cool detail is that at the white shoe laces there is a green Gatorade bottle. On the bottom of the shoe you can see gel spots on the sole as well as another green Jordan logo.

I think this shoe looks really good. I really like the combination of orange and white which is not a combination that’s used very often, but when used looks very good. The green color on the logo also contributes to a great color scheme. I really like the Gatorade bottle as well but it feels like it is very easy to loose such thing which really kind of ruins the whole thing, guess you just have to be careful.

I used to not be such a great fan of Jordan’s, but maybe they aren’t that bad after all! What do you think?



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