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Multiple Supreme x Independent Garments Releasing this Week

This week’s collaboration for Supreme is going to be with Independent. That the collection was happening  was well known but the when was the question and now we know. I personally think that the collection looks very nice and I might actually cop something, but then I also have to keep in mind that The North Face part 2 is likely to come out the next week. Anyways, the collection consists a Nylon Anorak, Sherpa Fleece Collar Bomber Jacket, Quilted Flannel Shirt, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Short Sleeve T-Shirt and lastly a 5-Panel Hat.



Here is the first item on the list that’s being released and it is the Nylon Anorak. It is a winter/rain jacket that features a kangaroo like pocket. It is available in three different colors, light blue, black, and grey. It has SUPREME written on it at the left chest and one Independent logo in front of the text and one after it. And on the back it has the independent logo with a text in the logo that reads INDEPENDENT and also under it that reads TRUCK COMPANY. I think it looks very cool but at the moment I’m not in need for a jacket so therefore I’m not going to cop one.

Rating = 6.5/10


The second garment on the list is the Sherpa Fleece Collar Bomber Jacket. It is a winter jacket that’s not supposed to be used when skiing but more when walking outside in downtown or just in the neighborhood as it is not that thick. It has three pockets, two at you stomach and one on the left arm. It only has fleece at the collar. It has the same front logo and design as the Nylon Anorak but on the back it only has the Independent logo and not the text. It is available in two colors, black and brown. I think these looks pretty good to be honest but I feel like the fleece collar maybe ruined it a little.

Rating = 6/10


The third garment on the list is the Quilted Flannel Shirt. It is like a summer jacket with buttons that can keep the jacket closed. It also has two pockets, one at the left of the chest and one at the right. Different from all the other garments, this one is in multiple colors and has a squared pattern. This shirt has though the same logo at the front like the other garments, but on the back is the Independent logo but underneath it is a FUCK THE REST text. It is available in two different color ways: black, white and grey, or red, white and black. I do not like this shirt very much due to its colors, pattern and the material.

Rating = 4/10


The forth item on the list is the Crewneck Sweatshirt. It has SUPREME written upright on the left side with the Independent logo in front and after the text as usual. On the bottom of the back on the sweatshirt there is a small text that says FUCK THE REST as well as an Independent logo. It is available in blue, black, white and green. All the colors of the text is black except on the black sweatshirt where it is white. This is my favorite! I’m definitely copping this one if I’ll cop anything.

Rating = 8.5/10


The next item on the list is the Sweatpants. It will be available in the same colors as the Sweatshirts. And it will also alike the Sweatshirt have the SUPREME text and two Independent logos going upright on the left leg. And on the back left leg a FUCK THE REST text is written as well as an Independent logo. The same thing is with the colors on the text on the Sweatshirts. I like these pretty much but what’s holding them back is that I believe these pants are not the pants you take photos in or show off, more like you watch TV in them while eating your Ben & Jerry.

Rating = 7.5/10


The sixth item on the list is a tee. In addition to the colors on the Sweatpants and Sweatshirt, two more colors are available, red and grey. But on the tee the logos and text are conversely. The SUPREME text is on the back and on the front is the FUCK THE REST text. Besides that, everything is same. Just notice the text is a little bit smaller now. I really do like this tee but the problem with it is that I’m not a tee person, I like more sweatshirts and hoodies and I think that it always gets so cold when wearing a tee. But besides that I really like the tee.

Rating = 8/10



The last last garment on the list is a T-Shirt that is available in the same colors as the tee. But on here the SUPREME text is at the front and I assume that there is NOT  some sort of  FUCK THE REST text on the back since the T-Shirt does not have anything about FUCK THE REST in its name, different then the other garments that has the FUCK THE REST text. I think it looks good but I’m not a fan of T-Shirt as they are not very good to have in the winter and often pretty “expensive” for being a Supreme garment.

Rating 6.5/10


The last item on this very long list is actually a cap available in five colors the usual ones except grey. The cap has a flat screen (Not a fan of that) and the SUPREME text as well as the two typical  Independent logos surrounding it. My thoughts on this cap is that this is not something I would have bought. It is simply not my style.

Rating 4/10


So, that was all the items from the Supreme x Independent that are being released this week’s thursday. What do I think? Well  I think that overall it was a very good collaboration and I’m definitely going to try to cop a Sweatshirt in blue I think. The average rating of the drop is 6.375 (The sum of all the item’s rating divided by the numbers of items, quick mats folks). Leave a comment and let me know what you think of week 13 drop!

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