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The Top 5 Most Hyped Supreme Clothes That Drops Tomorrow

There have been more revealed Supreme clothes that are dropping tomorrow in US and European stores as well as online. In this post I will give you my opinion of the top 5 highest rated garments that are dropping tomorrow.

This is MY top 5 things so far that are dropping tomorrow:

  • Supreme/Everlast Satin Hooded Boxing Robe
  • Supreme/Champion Color Blocked Jacket
  • Everlast Folding Exercise Mat
  • Supreme/Champion Stacked C Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Supreme/Cindy Sherman Untitled #175 Skateboard
  1.     The first item and most hyped item according to me is the Supreme/Everlast Boxing Robe. It is available in two different colors. Either in red and white or in leopard skin color. It is made out of Satin and has 4 Everlast logos, one on the chest, one at each arm, one at the stomach and lastly on on the back. The Boxing Robe also has SUPREME written upright in white color. This is the same for both robes.

2.   The second item on my list is the Supreme/Champion Jacket. It is, just as the robe, available in two colors. Either in all black or in multiple colors. It features one big Champion logo at the chest and one small at the wrist on the left arm. On the back it is written SUPREME in a half circle in a goldish color. The logos are the same on both Jackets and most likely the SUPREME text is also like that. It has a full zip closure, two pockets on the outside and on  both sides and most likely two on the inside on both sides.


3.   The third item in my  list is the Everlast Folding Exercising Mat. Now you might think why do you want this? Because it is Supreme and so odd it is very good. It does only comes in a bright red color, typical when associated with Supreme, and SUPREME written on it with big white letters horizontally. It also has the Everlast logo on one of the short sides. The mat measures 2 feet by 6 feet.


4.   The forth item on my list is another Supreme/Champion and this is the Stacked C Hooded Sweatshirt. It comes in EIGHT different colors; black, white, red, dark blue, yellow, grey, light pink and brown. It has three Champion logos stacked on each other and behind them the Champion text. All these logos comes in different colors depending on what base color. But it also features one small Champion logo at the wrist on the left arm, this has the same color for every sweatshirt. At the bottom of the actual hood there is written pretty small SUPREME, the back side is unknown. The color of the SUPREME text varies.


5.   Lastly on my list is actually the Supreme x Cindy Sherman untitled #175 skateboard. For a deeper review I recommend checking out my other post. Why I put it here is because I really like to color and it is a skateboard! Click here to go the the Supreme x Cindy Sherman post.

CS 1

Anyways that is my list, let me know yours in the comments! Please Share

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  1. Act like you re not new to Supreme even if you are. New kids aren t really welcomed here because it s so obvious that they re only here for the resell or because they re a newfound hypebeast. You ll take some L s and maybe you ll win a few. Good luck. Not a noob but I got a noob question. Can I make multiple orders that all contain different items, using different cards, that all ship to the same address?


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