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Streetwear – What is it?

When talking about streetwear most people often think of skating clothes and think that the clothes are pretty casual and easy to move in. All this is true but there is also much more, streetwear fashion also comes from the surfing culture and since recent times it also includes in hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion and modern haute couture fashion. But what is typical for street clothes?


Streetwear clothes are often, as I mentioned before, casual clothes. In the picture we can see a typical outfit containing a pair of sneakers, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. A couple of streetwear brands are Supreme and BAPE. These are the coolest ones according to me, but there are also other brands such as Palace and 3Sixteen who are very famous for their denim jeans. What’s your favorite streetwear brand?

Now we know a little bit more of streetwear, but how can you buy it? There are of course different ways of buying it but the best option of buying streetwear is at drops. Lets take Supreme, the biggest and most hyped streetwear brand currently on the market. Every thursday at 12:00 UTC +1:00 Supreme drop a certain amount of clothes in a limited quantity. The possibility of getting a garment is very small, you can either queue outside their 13 stores around the world or buy them online. If you decide to queue, make sure you can take turns with  someone cause it will get very boring queuing for +6 hours straight. The lazy way is obviously to buy them online either at their app Supreme or their online internet store. Just keep in mind that when buying them online they will probably be sold out in 30 seconds at the most so you don’t have time to put in the credit card details. Therefore i recommend using Fillr, an app that lets you save all you information without them being able to access it. Fillr works great when buying Supreme online.

If you didn’t manage to get a garment, don’t worry their will be plenty of seller who are willing to sell their garments in exchange for money. Just keep in mind that the price could be doubled – or more! Or if you are lucky you could download the app Restocks to get push notifications when they restock their clothes, keep in mind that the restocks are often just on one garment and size. The best thing is that this feature is free!

Now you know the basics of streetwear and its characteristics. Don’t forget to follow Trendingstreetwear for notifications on new posts and to check out my twitter account.

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